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Watch the NEW episode of "The Fall of The Cabal: The Sequel" - Part 23 titled "Health Care Worker Whistleblowers about Money & Murder in Hospitals" released & published today, May 17, 2022, and learn about the Geocoding Masonic AMA Doctors & Nurses murdering hospital patients for the Cabal's COVID-19 silver shekels! The paper trails and whistleblowers will lead to their trials and executions for crimes against humanity. If not, the people will drag them into the streets for immediate non-masonic justice. We're currently moving to a new website and hosting service. All former 'Pay-Pal' supporters & past 'Buy Me A Coffee' supporters can receive a complimentary membership to the new Red Pill Documentary Forum by filling out a Support Ticket. Go to https://www.redpilldocumentary.com/helpdesk/ and submit a ticket, include in the message your support transaction ID number, email and desired screen name. Your membership details will be emailed to you on launch day. ~ Thank you! The NEW WEBSITE platform will be in the FORUM format and will require sign-in to interact. Updates will be available HERE...

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Joining the Red Pill Forum!

Started by Administrator, Apr 14, 2022, 10:44 AM

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Red Pill Documentary Supporter's Forum

The new Red Pill Documentary Forum is for likeminded researchers and information seekers. Open registration is currently closed to the public. Due to massive spamming and trolling from the New World Order cheerleaders, controlled opposition and paid shills. We have found the best way to keep things productive and focused, is to allow people that supports the Red Pill Documentary website, to become members of the Red Pill Documentary Forum. PayPal canceled our ability to use their online services and they're holing our balance for 180 days. They apparently do not like our website content. The current ways to support the RED PILL DOCUMENTARY WEBSITE & FORUM is through 'Buy Me A Coffee' (Website Support), 'crypto currencies' (BTC, ETH & LTC) and 'Patreon' (Budget Forums). They're our current preferred ways of accepting website support. All website support is used for hosting fees, maintenance upkeep of the website and helps cover monthly bandwidth usages.

Past, Current and Future Red Pill Documentary website supporters are eligible to receive a complementary forum membership(s). This is a new way of growing the Red Pill community membership. For every coffee received, the supporter will gain a new membership. So, send three coffees you're eligible to receive three Red Pill Forum Memberships (just include desired user names, a valid separate email addresses for each requested account.

Not all supporters want a forum account and we don't want to solicit memberships. With that said..., all past, present and future website supporters that want a membership(s) to the Red Pill Forum, should take 3-5 minutes to visit the 'Help Desk' and 'Submit a ticket'. In the message area, include your desired Screen name with an email that will be associated with the forum account (include your support date and transaction number). Allow 24/72 hours for the new account to be manually processed.

Website Supporters - joining the Red Pill Documentary Membership Forum...

As of April 18, 2022, Red Pill Documentary website supporters can receive a complementary forum membership. Red Pill Media will be processing new forum memberships manually. 

STEP 01.] Anyone can support by using Bitcoin (See addresses below), BuyMeACoffee and Patreon.

STEP 02.] Visit the Help Desk and >>Submit a Ticket with desired User Name & Email, include support transaction number and date.

STEP 03.] New forum account memberships are processed manually & a confirmation email will be sent to you when your new account is processed.

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